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Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

I need a practicum for school and need 20 plus hours with clients this semester. Can I do that at Thompson?
If you are interested in early childhood education, we may be able to accommodate you at Thompson Development Center. Please contact the Child Development Center at 704-817-1600. 
If you are interested in our mental health programs as a student in psychology, social work, or another field, act quickly. We have to do more screening which takes more time and we don’t have as many volunteer opportunities. It will be challenging to get more than several hours unless you contact us well in advance.

I’m looking an internship. Whom do I contact? 
Please contact our Human Resources staff. Please be aware that internships are limited.

I work during the week. Are there any opportunities in the evenings or on weekends?
Most of our volunteer opportunities are on weekdays. We occasionally have some special events and other opportunities in the evenings or on weekends.

I just want to volunteer with kids. What are my options?
There are opportunities available to work with children in our PRTF (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility) or at our Child Development Center. Please call 704-536-0375 for more information.  If you are interested in a long-term, on-going assignment, you will need to complete the volunteer application, reference check, criminal background check and a Diana Screening.

I’m doing a school project on orphans. Can I meet any at Thompson?
While Thompson started as Thompson Orphanage in 1886, we are no longer considered an orphanage. We now provide a variety of treatment and preventive services to children and families.  We do have children living on our Matthews campus who are in the custody of the state. However, they are receiving psychiatric care from Thompson.

Can my church group minister to orphans at Thompson?
See above.


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