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I Am Thompson - Cody Thomas

"Our staff has presence and dramatic outcomes for clients"

As Thompson’s Director of Information Technology, I know that making tasks more efficient, fixing problems that prevent staff from doing their jobs, and supporting them in any way lets them focus more on what really matters: the clients. I want to be someone who can be depended on to be there when needed and to have a solution. I want our staff to have faith in our department and understand that we honestly care about the work they do and to not be afraid to tell us when we can do something to help. Everything we do in some way makes their job easier or helps them understand how others’ jobs mesh with theirs. 

I am Thompson because I solve problems in order to create opportunities.

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6800 Saint Peter’s Lane
Matthews, NC 28105
Phone: 704-536-0375
Fax: 704-531-9266

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