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Meet the Children - Kate


Only eight years old, Kate had experienced years of abuse and neglect by her biological parents. In addition to her personal trauma, she had seen the horrific physical and sexual abuse of an older half-sibling by her own mother.

After being removed from her home by DSS, Kate was placed in a loving foster home and soon adopted. During this time, Kate was referred to Thompson Outpatient Therapy Services. In her first few sessions with therapist Debra, Kate was afraid to talk about her abuse. She would cling to
her adoptive mother or burst into tears and hide under Debra’s desk.

Together, Debra and Kate developed a “relaxation box” with activities Kate could use when feeling anxious or experiencing a traumatic memory. Her box included: bubbles and a pinwheel to use for deep breathing; a copy of her favorite bible story to read when feeling worried; and a pair of pompoms to get out any nervous energy.

Kate learned to recognize when she was having “warm fuzzy” thoughts and “cold prickly” thoughts. She learned how to stop the negative ones and turn them into positive thoughts. Soon, Debra didn’t see the scared little girl who had walked into her office five months before. Instead, she saw someone very brave and strong. At the end of her last therapy session, Kate and her adoptive mother cried. This time, they cried “happy tears” of gratitude for the progress Kate had made.

Thank you for giving Kate her courage back.

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