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Meet the Children - Zach


That’s the word that kept coming up on just about every sheet of paper Thompson therapist Angela read in Zach’s case file.

Taken from his mother at age 4 after being found by a neighbor wandering the halls of his apartment building, Zach was severely malnourished and living in squalor. He was in foster care for 7 years (13 separate placements!) before arriving at Thompson’s residential treatment program.

And this wasn’t his first time in residential care either. He’d been previously placed at two other treatment facilities and it was Angela’s goal to make this one different. She knew his time at Thompson had to be successful for Zach to escape from the terrible path of his past. Angry, sad, frustrated, unmotivated. These are the words Angela uses to describe Zach during his first few weeks in therapy with her. It wasn’t until they were able to connect over their mutual love of sports that there was a breakthrough. With that connection, trust was soon born and Zach’s healing began.

Leaving for a group home after four months of successful treatment, Zach shared his feelings about Thompson in a letter. “I will be sad because I will miss the only people who have given hope to me.”

Thank you for giving Zach hope.

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