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I Am Thompson

I Am Thompson - Sonia Martinez I Am Thompson - Sonia Martinez

"I want to be part of a success story"

Thompson means working for a great organization that is dedicated to helping kids in need. I believe in a commitment to serving struggling children, in family restoration, and in a faith in God. Thompson and I share these values and so much more. I want to be part of a success story, to know that Thompson has helped improve the life of a child and their family. I know that here at Thompson we are working hard every day to make that happen. I am blessed to enjoy the work that I do and enjoy my fellow employees.

I am Thompson because I stand for continuing to improve the lives of children so we can write that success story.

I am Thompson - Mary Pearce I am Thompson - Mary Pearce

"I love helping girls build their self-confidence"...

I am the Youth Partner for the new Thompson Connect program. My mission is to try and help adolescent girls find their voice and ultimately to help them achieve their goals in life. I help set them up with people and outside programs based on their interests that can better support them and serve them to maintain sustained stability outside of the program. I love my job because I love helping girls build their self-confidence and celebrating their victories with them. I am proud to say that I work for Thompson because my values line up so closely with the Thompson values of advocacy, building trust, and collaboration.

I Am Thompson - Cody Thomas I Am Thompson - Cody Thomas

"Our staff has presence and dramatic outcomes for clients"

As Thompson’s Director of Information Technology, I know that making tasks more efficient, fixing problems that prevent staff from doing their jobs, and supporting them in any way lets them focus more on what really matters: the clients. I want to be someone who can be depended on to be there when needed and to have a solution. I want our staff to have faith in our department and understand that we honestly care about the work they do and to not be afraid to tell us when we can do something to help. Everything we do in some way makes their job easier or helps them understand how others’ jobs mesh with theirs. 

I am Thompson because I solve problems in order to create opportunities.

I Am Thompson - Leah Henry I Am Thompson - Leah Henry

"What infuses our service: faith, hope and love"

It is from the swell of grateful hearts that we labor at Thompson, and I bear witness to this daily as a billing authorization specialist. Regardless of our roles, all lives are connected because we each answered the call to serve children and families. “Thank you” are the words I hear most often at Thompson: after a therapist helps overwhelmed parents navigate their son through a crisis one late night; from the once non-verbal 6-year-old on his way out the office door; on a voice message from a former group home child who’s traveling the world, telling us that Thompson “will always be home.” I pray we never deafen our ears to that higher calling or lose sight of our unique role in the bigger picture.

I am Thompson because I am grateful for families who are grateful for us.

I Am Thompson - Brenda Mack I Am Thompson - Brenda Mack

"The payoff is so rewarding when a family really gets it"

Most of my clients don’t receive positive affirmation -- that they have purpose and if they work hard, they can become self-sufficient and good parents. I try to plant a seed of hope in each client that will ultimately change how they communicate with their children and other loved ones. Life can become really frustrating when you don’t have any options except to struggle through life. When a family starts the work of healing, they begin to think and act differently. They begin to walk tall and gain the confidence that “I can do this,” and their lives are changed forever. I want to leave a legacy to always do your best and never give up.

I am Thompson because I am strong in confidence and support for families.

I Am Thompson - Mark Eberhardt I Am Thompson - Mark Eberhardt

"What I do matters because families matter"

I am a behavior intervention specialist at Thompson. If I am successful in what I do, parents experience more joy in raising children without feeling frustrated, lost and alone. Boys and girls experience adults who are responsive, caring, and understand how they are unique. Families and professionals learn how to advocate and demand required resources for children’s’ care. What I do presents many challenges in keeping lines of communication open between myself, parents and caretakers. If everyone involved shares in this hard work, we are all rewarded with children who are resilient and thrive.

I am Thompson because my successes with families promote stronger communities.

I am Thompson - Latoya Anson I am Thompson - Latoya Anson

"Children are one of the most underrepresented groups of people"

As the Residential Coordinator of Thompson Connect, I have a responsibility to the girls in our care. Children are one of the most underrepresented groups of people because they very seldom have a voice or a choice in decisions that affect their lives.  I have a responsibility to ensure that I can help to prepare them to move past their traumas, endlessly push the boundaries, and become the kinds of adults who change the world and not be defined by what has happened to them. I am Thompson because I am helping to change the lives of future young women.


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